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Alex Wolkov

Extensionizr helps you create the basis for your own awesome chrome extension!

1 - Name your extension

2 - Fine tuning

Extension type

Background page

Options page


Content scripts

Misc addons

URL permissions

Separated by ";" (https://*/* ; http://google.com/*)




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Open source baby!

Thanx to these guys :

Another *izr? When will this stop

Extensionizr is a simple way to jump start your chrome extension development. Just select the type of extension you want, choose permissions and you're off.

Why does this exist?

Because I got super tired creating the file structure for a new extension over and over again.
Extensionizr will be always updated with the latest chrome manifest changes.
In addition, I wanted to create a client-side only tool. Extensionizr doesn't use server side code! Don't believe me? Checkout the github repo.

Based on open source

Extensionizr is 90% based on open source pieces I put together. It's heavily inspired by Initializr by Jonathan Verrecchia.


Email me at , or mention @altryne.